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Baby Pederson | Barrington Il Newborn Photographer

Barrington Il Newborn Photographer

Baby Pederson decided to give me a run for my money! Patience is a virtue that all photographers need to be possess. Baby Pedeson tested my patience the first time and so the second time around I was ready for him. As a photogrpaher you will never have perfect photoshoots. There is always something that goes wrong or throws a kink in your plan. You have to adapt and be quick on your toes. Baby Pederson, cuteness overload, was not very sleepy during his first session so we rescheduled and he did much better the second time around. The Pedersons’ are a beautiful family and they are also a fun and active family as well. We decided we had to do a picture of him on his daddy’s motorcycle. Nothing screams daddy’s boy like having him ride Dad’s Harley Davidson within the first weeks of his life. Baby Pederson’s big brother had the pleasure of being the first to take pictures on daddy’s motorcycle. He was such a big handsome boy, and they are such a good looking family! I look forward to watching him and his brother grow:)

I am always open to doing different types of shots for families, newborns, little children so please contact with any ideas you would like for your personal family photography/newborn photography. I love what I do and I want you to love what I do as well.


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