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Check out Liam’s Fresh 48 | Barrington Il Newborn Photographer

Barrington Il Newborn Photographer

Liam’s Fresh 48 was so fun to photograph.  I get excited to meet and photograph first time parents.  Liam’s parents were so excited to capture these photos.  Liam’s Fresh 48 session was perfect in every single way.  Liam stayed asleep. Liam had a full set of hair. And Liam’s parents had that new mom and dad no sleep thing going.  “It comes with the territory” I told them.  Being a new parent is such a blessing.

I always enjoy photographing fresh newborns. It allows me to capture little things that can’t be recreated later on.  For Liam’s Fresh 48 I was able to focus on the little things.  The emotions that a parent exhibits in those first two days are the most important things to capture.  Liam’s Fresh 48 was no different.  First time mom and dad could not stop holding him, kissing him and rocking him.

As you can see in the gallery below Mom was a natural.  Dad was so cute because he was constantly checking on mom and his new son, and Liam was the perfect model.  Let me tell you that Liam’s hair was the topic of conversation during our time.  Liam was blessed with a great head of hair like his father. Please take a look through the gallery.  Liam’s Fresh 48 session flew by for me as I was taken aback by his cooperation.


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