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Plaza Family | Dupage County Il Family Photographer

Dupage County Il Family Photographer

I LOVE MY NEW BARRINGTON STUDIO! I just wanted to start this blog post with that statement.  To have a place where I can go and just let my cares fly by as I just focus on my clients and giving them my best. My new Barrington studio allows me to set up appointments with my clients and give them the best that they deserve.  So when the Plaza Family called and booked for a session in my studio I couldn’t be more excited.  The reason I was excited for this family to experience my new Barrington studio space is because this same family came to me three years ago when they welcomed the sweet baby girl, Avery, to their family.  I did that photo shoot on location and I was in a place in my business where I felt I needed a space to step up my game.  Now fast forward three years later in my new Barrington studio and I was able to capture this beautiful family using natural light in both spaces inside the studio.  Avery has such a big girl attitude and even kicked mom and dad out of the studio a few times to spend some photo time with me in peace.  It was extremely cute. Repeat clients make my heart happy!  To have a returning client tells me that I am doing something right.  My goal for every client is for them to enjoy their photo experience and for us to cultivate a relationship.  I want to photograph a family as they grow and celebrate.  I believe the new Barrington studio will allow me to please my clients even more.  Feel free to reach out to me and inquire more about my new Barrington studio and how we can get you into the studio for a photo shoot.

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