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Baby Elle’s Fresh 48 | Barrington Il Newborn Photographer

Barrington Il Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48 sessions are becoming all the rage in the photography world.  A Fresh 48 session to me is one of the most important moments I can capture for a family.  Whether it be a couple’s first time or second, third or fourth there is always something precious and priceless about a baby being brought into this world.  I have come to cherish these Fresh 48 sessions so much because I believe this is an intimate and important time for a family to welcome their new bundle of joy to the family.  Baby Elle blessed Keegan and Christa with her arrival and I had an opportunity to capture those moments after the birth and the pictures below speak for themselves.  Elle was so cooperative and so peaceful.  She is a lucky little girl to have two parents that love her so much and a big brother who was so excited to meet her, hold her and love on her as much as he possibly could.  I had so many favorites from this session and Christa was just absolutely glowing during my visit.  Keegan was walking around the room like the proud daddy that he is and he just looked like he was over the moon with the new addition to their family.  This session was perfect for black and white presets.  My main goal in a Fresh 48 is to capture the pure excitement, joy, love, exhaustion, etc that a family experiences within the first few days of the birth of their baby.  A Fresh 48 to me is integral to any new or experienced mother who is expecting.  I am at your beckon call and I tend to be there less than an hour so as to not disturb the new family’s time for bonding.

A baby girl…
one of the most beautiful miracles in life,
one of the greatest joys we can ever know,
and one of the reasons why
there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness
in your world today.

Author: Unknown

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